Executive Secretary of the 1st International Conference of Challenges and Necessities Regarding Culture in the Quality of Teaching Foreign Languages (2011)

On December 14th and 15th 2011, in the faculty of foreign languages and literature, at the University of Tehran, 1st International Conference of Challenges and Necessities Regarding Culture in the Quality of Teaching Foreign Languages was held in the presence of well known professors from inside and outside the Islamic Republic of Tehran. In this conference, which lasted two days, more than 35 articles were presented.

The opening ceremony commenced with a speech by the head of the faculty. In her speech, she referred to a number of issues including the shortage of translated sources in the country and emphasised the importance of intense preparation in the field of foreign language teaching. Dr Muhammad Reza Dousti Zadeh, the scientific secretary of the conference, referred to intercultural challenges in his speech. He also referred to current viewpoints when approaching cultural challenges and scientific solutions in this context and talked about an interaction that would pave the way for achieving educational goals.

Dr Dahmardeh, the executive secretary gave a report on the process involved in organising the conference and expressed his appreciation of the wholehearted support of the head of the faculty, the representative of the Supreme Leader to the faculty of foreign languages and literature and the Centre for Evaluation and Quality Control in the University of Tehran.

Professor Fatemi, the eminent professor of the University of Harvard then delivered a speech. He discussed the role of culture and language in an individual’s evolution and its impact on society, and by emphasising the lives of influential people such as the Holy Imams and other great world leaders from the beginning of history to the present day, referred to the secret of long lasting sociocultural identity.

One of the great honours of the conference was the presence of Professor Haddad Adel and the speech he made. Using expressive and simple language, he referred to the theme of the conference and the teaching of foreign languages as well as the importance of attention or inattention to the culture in the quality of teaching, drawing on his own valuable experience.

In addition to internal departmental speeches, there were speeches delivered by professor Claire Kramsch, from the University of California, in Berkeley and Professor Ingrid Piller, from Macquarie University in Australia.


This conference lasted for two days and the closing ceremony was held on Thursday, December 14th 2011 with letters of appreciation given to the lecturers and other participants.