Observational Study of Human Conversations: Conversational Behaviour among Iranians

(2015 - 2017)

Dr Mahdi Dahmardeh        Professor Robin Dunbar

The root cause of many problems and possible solutions of a society and recognise its people’s necessities might be found in the conversations that they have within their friendly and close environments.
The current sociolinguistic project aims to find out about possible concerns of the Iranians as well as looking into language differences that exist between males and females.
Although few research have been done around the world in order to study individual’s verbal behaviour, the findings have been so valuable for many groups, the linguists in particular. Because of existing cultural, political, economic and geographical differences between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the countries that these studies are conducted (Great Britain and America), it has been decided to study and investigate such social-verbal behaviours within the Iranian society.