History of Language Teaching in Iran and Cultural Perspective

(2014 - 2016)

Dr Mahdi Dahmardeh     Mr Hossein Parsazadeh     Mr Abbas Parsazadeh

Painting a rosy picture, the glamour and glitter of Western culture has undoubtedly aimed to dwarf other cultures. In such a predicament, it does not seem odd to see unquestioning acceptance of Western culture in a host of subjects and areas in general and an EFL context in particular. Delving into a wide range of the elements of Western culture, the current study endeavoured to reveal the tortuous path the secondary school English coursebooks have passed in Iran. To this end, the Iranian secondary school coursebooks were diachronically investigated in terms of the representation of culture. In so doing, the Perspective aspect of culture, Western names, images from 1939 till 2014 were scrutinised.