Director of the University of Tehran Language Centre (2011 - 2013)

A Brief Report on Activities of the University of Tehran Language Centre

During the Tenure of Dr Dahmardeh

Complete setup and reconstruction of flat 8 of the Centre within 10 days. (This flat, located on the 5th floor, was entirely demolished in a fire.)

Laboratory rehabilitation and transfer to the Centre 

Signing contract and implementation of broadband internet

Independent website setup for information access

Online registration system and student card issuance setup

Email setup for convenient reply to questions

Text message sending system setup for information access

Installing POS devices (two devices) in order to facilitate the process of registration

Establishment of advanced English classes as well as English for Academic Purposes course for the associates of the University of Tehran International and faculty members of the university.

Signing contract with an Electronic Buffet Company in order to set up two vending machines at the central site without making any payment.

Equipment and allocation of two separate prayer rooms for both men and women.

Signing contract with the Spanish Embassy in Tehran to hold the international DELE exam at the Centre.

Getting the faculty's agreement to paint and improve the building’s appearance as well as establishing heating and cooling systems.

Extensive advertising as a campaign with the help of advertising consultants and using extensive advertising tools/techniques in order to better introduce the Centre as well as its activities in Tehran, Iran and also in cyberspace.

Notice boards ordered and setup

Having the Centre's first brochure designed and prepared in order to inform those who interested in the centre about all the running languages.

Setting up classes on Fridays and activating night and day shifts (It’s noteworthy that the Centre is active 7 days a week from 8 am to 9 pm.)

Equipping more than half of the classes at the Centre with data projectors, computers and smart boards. These devices are mostly provided by a cooperation between the director of the Centre and the various organisation. (It’s noteworthy that previously, traditional means such as cassettes or CDs were being used in the classes.)

Equipping all the classes at the centre with amplifiers and advanced audio systems to enable the use of MP4 Players.

Enabling the teaching of 25 new languages besides the ones that were used to run before and increasing the number of languages from 8 to 33 within 2 years. At the moment, the Centre is in fourth place in the world and first place in Asia and the Middle East. Currently, the Centre offers the following language courses:


English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Turkish, Korean, Japanese,
Chinese, Georgian, Greek, Armenian, Ancient Persian, Middle Persian, Urdu, Hindi, Swedish,
Latin, Portuguese, Ancient Greek, Sanskrit, Avestan, Malay, Indonesian, Swahili, Vietnamese,
Hausa, Aramaic, Arabic and Hebrew
Business correspondence courses, EAP, FCE, CAE and English calligraphy classes
Exam preparation courses of IELTS, TOEFL, DELE, TOMER, DELE, TCFQ, START DEUTSCH

Meetings & Visits

Official opening of some foreign language departments in the presence of ambassadors from Armenia, Georgia and representatives (MPs) of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (with media coverage by IRIB News Channel, Young Journalists Club, ISNA and Asia Weekly.)

A meeting with some of the Board members of the University of Tehran

A visit by Mr Nakao, cultural attaché and the first secretary of the Embassy of Japan and two of his coworkers, Ms Takahashi and Mr Daryani to the language centre at the University of Tehran

A visit to the Centre by Mr Kinichi Komano, Ambassador of Japan and Mr. Kengi Fujji, Head of the Information and Cultural Centre and the third secretary of the Embassy of Japan

A visit by the Director of the Centre to ECO Diplomatic Gallery at the invitation of the Embassy of Georgia and the head of the ECO cultural centre

A visit by the cultural attaché of Korea

A visit by Mr Ature Baroni, activist in the cultural department of the Embassy of Italy

A visit by the cultural attaché of the Embassy of Georgia

A visit by the deputy head of International Affairs of the University of Tehran and Board of directors of the faculty of foreign languages and literature

A visit by Mr Cheng Tang, first secretary and the cultural attaché of China

A visit by Prof Seri Watso, Ambassador of India with Dr Abdolsamiae, third secretary of the Embassy of India

A Meeting between Dr Dahmardeh and Mr Esfanani, A member of parliament representing Fereydounshahr and Chaadgaan area, to discuss approaches in order to develop the teaching of the Georgian language in the Centre

A visit by the Georgian delegates to the Centre in the presence of prominent officials such as the cultural attaché of Iran in Georgia, head of the Association of Georgian Authors, an eminent Georgian Iranologist and a professor from the University of Tbilisi