Glocal English 1

Developing Effective English Reading Comprehension

Dahmardeh, M. et al. (2017). Glocal English 1: Developing Effective English Reading Comprehension. Qom: Almustafa International University.

Glocal English is a fantastic academic series that aims at developing learners’ reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills. It is based on promoting reading comprehension through selecting authentic and interesting materials which serve as foundations for reading skills development, vocabulary building and thought-provoking discussions. Similarly, a great deal of attention has been given to writing as it indirectly encourages learners to read widely, think critically, improve their communication skills and develop a certain level of competence and professionalism needed for one’s future career.

As the word “Glocal” in the title suggests, this series has been developed bearing in mind both the educational needs at a global level as well as local conditions.

Key Features

Ø  Each book in this series is arranged into twelve units, teaching the language that learners may face either in their daily lives or in their academic and religious education settings.

Ø  The units are theme-based collections of short related passages about a general subject followed by explanations about a related group of distinct reading skills.

Ø  Critical thinking as one of the main sections in this series proposes questions and arguments in relation to the main topic of each unit, encouraging students to express their ideas on the topic based on what they have learned through the whole unit. The students are encouraged to think critically and argue for and against the subjects at issue.

Ø  The writing section aims at making learners think about their writing - from grammar, spelling and punctuation, how to plan their writing, and the various processes and checks to go through before pressing print or broadcasting their message online. It also provides guides for specific pieces of writing that they may need to produce, whether at university, seminary or in the workplace.

Sample Content & Table of Contents

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